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Delight your customer
and boost your Business
with the first electric
Water Go-Kart RACE TRACK !

Gliss Speed is the 1st electric nautical water go-kart !! Very easy to drive, accessible for kids and adults, funny, environmentally friendly, and noiseless, this French innovation will astonish you and will make the buzz. Invite your customers to discover this new activity, it is fun, it is safe, it is 100% ecologic and everybody can afford it. Gliss Speed is an audacious concept, closed to electric jet-ski already available in France and abroad since 2009

Have fun in safe conditions from 9 to 99 years old

On board, your customers, among friends or family, will enjoy. . From 9 years old (or 1,4 meters high), kids can drive the Gliss-Speed in very safe conditions. Driving handles very intuitive, and high stability of the Gliss-Speed, due to low gravity center and evolutive hull, will provide a perfect behaviour on the water. Regarding the speed, it is very easy to select the dedicated speed according to users and to sea conditions. As convenient on interior lakes, as on sea, for sure you will find some new clients to your business !

On a key-hand race track Let's go

Ride the Gliss-Speed on a race track will enhance the feeling and the thrills, it will increase the competition spirit and the wish to share this activity ! Attracting new customers will be easier.
Implementing a race track will also limit the space for Gliss-Speed for a perfect cooperation with other activities ( fishing, swimming…) and a total security. Please, ask us for a complete package Gliss-Speed + Race Track.

A profitable product for your business

You want to make your calculations ? Here are the main figures to clarify :

  • Use cost is about 50 times lower than similar product with thermical motor
  • Each hour will cost about 50 cents, including maintenance
  • Maintenance is very basic and costless
  • Lithium batteries has a life time of about 2000 hours and other components have more than 3 hours
  • Average renting price for 10 to 15 minutes is between 8 and 12 Euros

Return On Investment can be around 200 hours… Considering that a Gliss-Speed will have at least 2000 hours of use, you can make your own calculations

A Water Go-Kart 100% electric

Build with an electric engine and a lithium battery (2 hours autonomy), the Gliss-Speed can go up to 14 knots (25 km/h), however the power remains below 5 hp to allow everybody to ride the Gliss-Speed, even without a driving-licence.

Another main asset is that Gliss-Speed is environmentally friendly : no emission, no noise, and very few wake to preserve watersides. A Real Electric Jet-ski

A very basic maintenance

Not necessary to call a tecnician to ensure proper use. Gliss-Speed is designed to work continuously with a basic maintenance. Implement a good storage of the batteries, and a seaworthy of the hull, and you will have the machine under control. The profitability of your business will in accordance with your maintenance plan.


Main Specifications
No carbon emission - Easy handling/Reactivity - Hull and Upper deckare in Fiberglas and Gel-coat
2,49 m
1,25 m
0,51 m
Net Weight
65 kg
Max Rider weight
110 kg
Electric engine
Continuous current, controled by electronic variator : 3 speed
48 V
1500W à 2000 Rpm
Up to 14 Knots (25 km/h)
2 hours at 10 knots
Loading Time
Lithium Ion
Propelling System
One block plastic Propeller
150N up to 350N
Driving system
2 Handles (direction) / 1 Gaz Pedal (accélération)
One seat (110kg) - Rear Speed - Interchangeable battery

Customize your Gliss-Speed

Modify the Gliss-Speed with your own colours and stickers for a very positive image We can developp a complete Key-hand gliss-Speed with your own colours, logo, stickers, images and your Race track (Arches, boyes,etc.) We can also settle the speed of the boats. Feel free to contact us for specific request.